Wednesday, September 29, 2010

4th of July, Arnegaad, ND

While staying at Theodore Roosevelt National Park we discovered there was to be a 4th of July celebration in the town of Arnegaard. Joanne Jones thought it would be a great idea for the WINs to participate in the parade. She contacted the appropriate people and got it all arranged. Good going Joanne. By the time the parade started to we had 1 car pulling a teardrop trailer, 5 jeeps, a pickup with an ATV and kayak, a motorcycle and a motorhome pulling a pickup with an ATV for a total of 9 vehicles, plus about 40 individuals participating from the group. Here are just a few of the highlights.
Staging before the parade began.

We had our bagpiper to serenade us down the parade route. In fact, Bob was the only music in the parade. There were no marching bands or anything, except our bagpiper.

Here we come down the parade route. Although this was a pretty good size parade, I think we still were about 1/3 of it.

I hopped a ride while waving my American flag.

Diane paddled down the parade route on top of John Clairmont's jeep.

Carolyn rode the ATV being towed behind the motorhome.

And yes, there really were others besides us in the parade.

The horse drawn carriages.

I think this was to show there Viking heritage.

And after the parade the town provided free bbq plates. The beef was all donated by a local rancher and I have to say it was some of the best bbq I have ever had.

We were afraid they might run out with so many to feed, but they didn't.

And every kind of home made pie you could imagine and then some.

After dinner they honored all the veterans.

We were proud to have representatives too.

But my favorite was the tractor pulls at the end of the day. Hey Brad, isn't that a bit small for you?

Several of us actually signed up for the tractor pull races.

I couldn't reach the pedals. "Can't I ride the smaller one?"

Three of us ladies had a good time pedaling.

The announcer made a big deal about the almost 82 year old visitor who entered the contest.

Only 2 men signed up.

But the WINs did pretty good, Janet and John both placed 3rd and won $5 each. We told them they had to treat the rest of us for being their cheering section.

So they did, down at the local pub. What a glorious day!

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