Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bismarck, SD

I am so far behind in my blogging, but I always said the blogs were as much for me as anything. I was actually in Bismarck, SD, back in late June. So here are a few things I did while I was there.
This is the memorial and burial site for Sitting Bull located soutside of Fort Yates, ND.

This is his memorial and burial place in Mobridge, SD. The story goes: Originally he was buried outside Mobridge, but in the 1950s his family requested his remains be returned to Fort Yates. Some say his remains were disinterred during the middle of the night and moved to Fort Yates, while others still claim he is buried at Mobridge.

Watching another WIN (Brad) head on down the road.

Fort Abraham Lincoln is where General Custer was headquarted at the time he was killed at the battle of the Little Big Horn.

This is a reconstruction of the home where he and his wife would have lived.

They give a wonderful living history tour.

Their is also a reconstructed Mandan Village, like that which Lewis and Clark would have visited during their stay in the Mandan area.

Maniac Mike owed me a ride in the razor. I got it. There was an old race track behind the fairgounds where we stayed. I think we got to see how fast we could go on the inclines. What fun!!

This is the state capital building for North
Dakota. I think it has to be the most ugly state capital I have ever seen.
We stayed in Bismarck about a week before heading to the north unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

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