Friday, February 26, 2010

WIN Dance Rally

This year's theme was "Oldies but Goodies" and Vicki really came up with some great decorating ideas.
I'm sure we all remember the poodle skirts and juke boxes!

And the hippies!

And of course, the Prom!

and yes, we had all of that as part of the dance rally. One night was designated "hippie nite". Here are a few pictures from the dance.

But of course, we also had dance lessons....

And one day some of us decided to do the "limbo"...

And then there was 'happy hour'...

No dance rally would be complete without the Talent/No Talent Show and the No Talent Band...

We had 50s nite for one dance.......

Bob wasn't here for hippie nite, so I think he decided to dress up as a hippie for 50s nite.

And here is Chuck posing with the hippie background, but it was 50s nite.
But the last night of the dance rally was "The Prom" and everyone had fun dressing up for the occasion.

And we even had a King and Queen selected. Here was the group of candidates for King.

And the candidates for Queen.

And the chosen were Bob Parker and Nelda Morris.

And so ends the 2010 WIN Dance rally. But if you missed out this year, just wait until next year. Come join us for "Hawaii in the Desert" for 2011.


Barbara and Ron said...

It was definitely worth the wait - great pictures! Thanks so much for posting them.

dancing naked--- said...

yes they are great pictures---all of them--thanks for the dance rally photos---it looks like those of us who missed it missed a great time.