Monday, February 15, 2010

More Rocky Point

We headed out to meet the WINs at a beach so we could go shelling. The night before it rained and we found the roads to be a little muddy. Several of the cars got stuck. But I heard later that the girls saved the day by pushing the cars out. You go girls!

We found a car wash on our way back to town and stopped.

Although it was supposed to be an automatic car wash, as you can see, it wasn't working. We did get the car washed, but the owner used a hose and brush.

Another day we stopped at an aquarium. Here is a friendly eel.

Here are some type of star fish which was in the tidal pool.

This sea lion was found tangled in some nets and now his home is here at the aquarium since he can't be released back to the wild.

This is a spiny sea urchin from the tidal pool.

And here is a sea cucumber. I could never get him to let go of the shells.

He knew this man had some fish for him.

Another type of star fish from the tidal pool.

This guy really liked the attention.

I liked this brightly colored home. It is available for rental.

Down the road was this whale carcass. Actually, it is just the bones from a Fin Whale, found in 1984.

This visitor center is built from tires. Evidently they cement the tires together using stucco, then stucco the outside.

They have several places inside that is not finished so people can see how the interior was built. Wow, what a use for our old tires. And they are supposed to be energy efficient too.

We spotted these two osprey's sitton on top of this electric pole. Only notice, there are no wires.

Doesn't he look majestic!

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Barbara and Ron said...

Looks like fun! That's a great picture of the osprey. Love the visitor center.