Saturday, June 27, 2015

The last of Louisiana

There are just some places we have to visit anytime we are in this area.  One of these is the Cafe Des Amis in Breaux Bridge.  On Saturday mornings they have the Zydeco breakfast from 8-11, but if you aren't in line at 6:30-6:45, you might not get a table when they open at 7:30.  We are always there early.  The line is already down to the end of the block.

We got down there and found our friends Kathy and Pete were also waiting.  And we invited another man waiting, who was there by himself, to join us in our table .

While we were waiting, Kathy demonstrated how she plays the washboard.

Lyn had to try it.

We are finally in and the band is beginning to play.

I've been coming here for the past 4 years and this lady is always there selling her necktie washboards.

Lyn decided it was just the thing for her.

When you are not eating, it's time to dance.

Pete teaching Louise some cajun/zydeco steps.

We made friends with these guys while waiting for the cafe to open.  They were here for the Crawfish Festival, too.  But hey, this isn't the last we see of them.

The other place we always like to go is Angelle's Whiskey River Dance Hall in Kendall, LA. 

And guess who we saw there?  Our friends from Cafe Des Amis.

Located right on the Atchafalaya Bay, this is the view from inside the dance hall.

We were there early and not many people had arrived yet.  It's a pretty good size dance floor and it gets quite crowded when everybody is out there stomping to the cajun/zydeco beat.

And then I realized the entire dance floor is located over the water on stilts.  No wonder the whole place bounces when everyone is dancing.  It literally is bouncing.

This is the same shot as earlier, but it's not empty anymore.  I told you it gets crowded.  Combat dancing deluxe.  

The band was Geno Delafose and the French Rocking Boogie.  They also played at the festival.

We were outside when Geno arrived and he let us get our picture with him.  He is a very nice person as well as a great musician and singer.

Some of us were getting hungry and they don't really sell food at Whiskey River, so we headed down the road to Pat's Fishermans Wharf Restaurant and the Atchafalaya Club.  They also had music but since we were wanting to eat, we chose to go to the restuarant instead so we could visit.

I guess it's time to say goodbye to cajun country.  Now it's time to head north to see family before heading east for the summer.

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