Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Other things around St. Ignatius

Some of the other things we did.

Field Dog Trials were being held nearby.  The dog watches while 3 birds are shot down in separate locations.  Upon command by his trainer, the dog goes after each, one by one, with only hand signals from his trainer to guide him.

The is required to take the most direct route to the fallen bird, swimming across the water if necessary.

Returning with the bird.  
It was quite interesting watching the dogs work.  They are so smart.  I just wish I could train Fancy to obey that well. (ha, ha)

Another event which happened on Sunday morning was a fly-in.  Wanting to see what this was all about, plus I wanted to take part in the Huckleberry Pancake breakfast, I headed to the small airfield on the edge of town.

There were some very interesting looking planes flying in.  Just like it sounds, people fly their small, private planes to the St. Ignatius airfield.  They stop, have breakfast, visit with the other pilots, and then everyone heads home.

The owner of this plane was offering rides for only $25 for 15 minutes.  Yes, I signed up.

Looking down on one of the many reservoirs in the area.

Gazing over the checkerboard fields.

Here are the Upper Mission Falls where I went hiking the other day.
Of course, it was over all too soon, but what fun while it lasted.

It was like any other street fair, except, you could buy local Flathead Cherries.  This year was a late season and they thought the cherries weren't going to be ripe for the festival, but they started picking just days before.

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Barbara and Ron said...

Wow! A plane ride for $25 - that was a deal.