Monday, August 29, 2011

Update on Hurricane Irene

It is 6:45 am on Monday morning, Aug 29, the day after Irene, a tropical storm by the time it arrived in Maine, blew through. There was lots of rain yesterday morning and early afternoon, but the rain was gone by 4 pm. There was wind, but nothing worse than I've seen in many a thunderstorm. I saw no trees down or flooding. But the news says there is some of both in my area and there were power outages too.

I heard from Claudia, who heard this from some locals, that up here they are used to 'Noreasters, storms which come in from the Atlantic with high winds and bringing large waves. I even heard a reporter on the news last night state this wasn't as bad as many of the 'Noreasters they see around here. So I guess that is my answer to why people were out shopping and doing business as usual around here yesterday. For them, it was business as usual, nothing to fret about.

For me, I'm just glad it wasn't worse where I was at. Friends of mine in NJ had to evacuate. Other friends in NC have weeks of clean up ahead of them. But none of my family or friends were injured or killed. I thank God for that.


eye drops said...

thanks for the update.. its really cool.. i was looking for updates.. thanks..

Barbara and Ron said...

I was thinking about you guys being that close to the ocean, but looking at the flooding map, it looks like the worst flooding was inland more. Glad you're okay.