Thursday, August 25, 2011

Montreal, Quebec

I moved to St. Albins, only to be closer for a launching point to Montreal. The plans were to leave the RV and head to Montreal for an overnight trip. I found a kennel for Fancy, and off we went.

We started the day with a hop on/hop off bus tour.

This is Habitat '67, built as part of Expo '67 and designed by Moshie Safdie. Nicknamed 'Man and his World', it was visited by thousands during the expo and provided housing for many dignataries as well. It consists of a set of modular, concrete forms, creating private homes, each with its own garden, yet interconnected with the economics and density of an apartment complex. Today it is a housing complex, owned by the tenents.

The white dome in the background is part of what was site of the Montreal Olympics.

Christ Church Cathedral along St. Catherine St. Underneath is part of the underground city and shopping complex.

Built in 1845, this opened as Morgan's Department Store. It was purchased by the Hudson Bay Company in 1960 and today operates as leading department store in downtown Montreal.

An unusual sculpture in downtown.

St. Joseph's Oratory on the hill.

The Cathedral Basilica of Mary. Built as a 1/3 replica of St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome.

Notre Dame Basilica. Celine Dion was married here and is known for its lavish and beautiful interior. We did not go in as it was crowded and we did not want to pay their entrance fees. They say if you want to get married here you must get on a 3 year waiting list.

Jacque Cartier Plaza. Pedestrian traffic only, it is bordered by restaurants and art galleries. In the plaza itself are musicians, jugglers and other entertainment daily.

Ville de Montreal, the Town Hall.

The Chateau Ramezay, once a prestigious residence, and now a museum, has been continuously occupied since it was built in 1705.

A fountain next to the Town Hall.

Entertainment on the Jacque Cartier Plaza.

More entertainment. Here he is juggling fire sticks.

This church was located around the corner from where we were staying. It is now part of the university.

Sadly this old building was all boarded up and we could find no information as to when it was originally built or what it was. I even tried googling for info, but came up with nothing.

Site of the oldest church in Montreal. The original church was built of wood in the late 1600s for the sailors who came into port. It burnt and was rebuilt. The last remodeling was done in the late 1800s.

This old building is located in what is known as the Old Montreal, founded in 1642.

Finally, we are headed home after two wonderful days of exploring Montreal.

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