Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Yankton, SD

Upon leaving Colorado, I headed towards Yankton, SD, where I would be meeting up with some friends on the Missouri River. But on the way I saw the signs of all the recent flooding in the area.

I was detoured because of flooding and I wonder how long after I went by they had to close this highway as well. I found out later the town of Norfolk had been evacuated and one person drowned when this river flooded.

Another view from my window.

While in Yankton some of us went to play laser tag. Having never before played, I had no idea what to expect. When they said we had 15 minutes I thought, "Only 15 minutes, what can you do in that length of time." And by the time we were done I was hoping our 15 minutes would be up quickly. Once I started I never stopped running the whole time. I wonder how many calories I burned?

Another day about 18 of us took a 10 mile bike ride along the river.

We heard about a Czech festival and found this cute town of Tabor.

Some local people even dressed the part.

Waiting for the parade.

We were camped nearby Gavin Point Dam, the final of 6 dams along the Missouri River. We took a tour and were told they could manage all six dams from this one location. Quite impressive.

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