Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Valentine, NE

Some of us heard about a great river to kayak west of Yankton, so off we headed.

Pictures never do justice to being there, but I loved all the blues and pinks and greens and even yellows in the wildflowers.
The road we chose to follow to Valentine, NE, was called the Outlaw Trail. We even had a brochure highlighting some sights along the way. But we never found one of the highlighted sights. No signs, no distinct directions. I guess they really did not want our tourism anyway.

Why bother having a town with a population of only 1?

This area is called the 'Everglades of Nebraska'.

We saw this eagle on our kayak trip.

We thought these chalk bluffs were pretty neat looking.

We think this is a baby roadrunner. He graciously let us take his picture.

Smith Falls. We wanted to hike here from the kayak trip, but couldn't find anyplace to park our kayaks. Everyone else had the same idea as us.

They had these reliefs on the walls of the downtown buildings in Valentine.

The Cowboy Trail is a 321 mile rail to trail in Nebraska. We did about a 15 mile bike ride just to say we biked the Cowboy Trail.

This bridge on the Cowboy Trail is 1/4 mile long and 148 feet high.

The view off the bridge.

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