Saturday, January 9, 2010

Morning Walks at Yuma

The WINs gather at the BLM land behind the Yuma VFW every year for Christmas and New Years. It varies every year, but it is not unusual for about 70 plus to gather there. Many of the WINS who are staying in town also join us daily for hugs in the morning, our activies daily or circle in the evening. The VFW has a live band and dancing daily from 2-6 pm. So if nothing else is planned you can always drop in for some dancing. But every morning the people with dogs as well as those who just like to start their day with a walk gather at 7:30am. Some only go on a short walk, then head back, but some of us make this an early morning hike.
Here I am, second from the front, hiking up the mountain headed for an old mine. It may be warm (in the 70s) during the day, but it was usually around 40 degrees this early in the morning.

Just one of the old mine shafts we found. And no, I did not explore. No flashlight!

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