Monday, November 9, 2009

Back to Oklahoma

Following Talladega, we started back west. Me to Oklahoma, Max on to Arizona for the holidays. But we stopped at an RV park our first night out and the next morning I had a close encounter with a tree.
It broke the outer pane of my duel pane window, the lower mirror (actually it tore the mirror completely off but I didn't get a picture-this is after Max helped me remount it) and..

this piece of molding on the front corner. The mirror glass has been ordered and I just need to find a new piece of molding. I'm thinking I may just have a single pane window from now on.

Leaving Alabama we stayed at a COE park outside of Columbus, MS, before heading to Tunica. It wasn't for the casinos, but instead for a restaurant we had heard about on the Travel Channel.

"Deep Fried Paradise" was the show and this restaurant, The Hollywood, was featured for its fried pickles. In fact, they claim to be the originator of the fried pickle. So we stopped for lunch and had, of course, fried pickles.

Although the outside is old and not very impressive, inside was nice. The floors look like the original wood floors, uneven and all, but it was decorated quite nicely. They even have live music on Friday nights. Marc Cohn sang about this restaurant in his song, Walking in Memphis.

I haven't figured out why the pickle is smiling, he is about to be dropped in hot oil!

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Diana said...

So sorry about your close encounter with the tree. We miss you guys. When are you coming back out West?