Sunday, March 8, 2009


I finally downloaded pictures from my camera. Not only are there the pictures from my trip up Apache Trail, but pictures from a memorable birthday party for a friend. I have uploaded pictures from both activities.

This corral has both horses and an ostrich. I always heard ostriches were mean. Maybe horses are just as mean. They don't seem to mind sharing their area anyway.

Looking down on Canyon Lake. This is supposed to be high desert, but look how green everything is. If you look close you see bits of yellow on the side of the road. These are just some of the wildflowers we saw blooming.

The saloon at Tortilla Flats

My friend, Tom, was celebrating his birthday (we won't say how old) in Tucson last month. Since he has been getting some work done on his knees and some dental work as well, we decided to surprise him with a party using this theme.

Tom getting checked out by his partner.

Tom was well attended by several nurses and doctors.

Another shot of the doctors and nurses.
Notice the different sizes of the pictures. Since I have to reduce the size of my pictures prior to uploading, I was trying out some different sizes. I don't think I like the real small pictures, so I will go back to the larger format in the future.

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