Monday, December 15, 2008

New Computer and Camera

I now have a new computer and amazingly was able to recover most of my data before my old computer died completely. And yesterday I bought a new camera as well. So now I am back up to speed. In the meantime I did borrow a camera and took some pictures of where I have been. But I still don't have the software loaded to resize my photos, so it will still be a while before I get totally caught up.

After returning from SD, I headed to San Diego. There were only about 7 of us there, but we had a good time. I went on a wonderful self-guided tour of the USS Midway. We were staying at Silver Strand State Beach in San Diego Bay and had a great bike trip to Coronado. Of course we had to walk around the Del Coronado Hotel, one of the oldest wooden hotels (built in 1885) in existence. And it is still one of the finest hotels around. We then continued our bike trip around Coronado, finally finding a great mexican restaurant for lunch before biking back home..

From San Diego we headed towards the Slabs, or Slab City as some say, in Niland, CA, on the east side of the Salton Sea. This was my first time to the slabs, and I can say it is an experience. Until I get my pictures posted, if you want to get an idea of what it is, then check out these blogs: and

They both have some great info and pictures about the slabs.

I am now in Yuma, staying at one of the Escapees parks. There are quite a few WINs here, and a group of us got together for some fish and dancing at the Moose Lodge Friday evening and then headed over to Mickey B's, a local bar and dance club. I expect we will get down to Mexico while we are here too.