Saturday, December 20, 2008

San Diego and the Slabs

Here are a few pictures from my time in San Diego as well as 'the slabs'.

Standing on the beach behind the Hotel Del Coronado

Standing in front of the USS Midway

Looking down onto the deck of the USS Midway. I didn't count them, but I bet there were close to 2 dozen aircraft and helicopters on deck.

In front of the old lighthouse at Cabrillo National Monument

Here are some pictures from the slabs. Someone lives in this.

This is the 'shower'. Water comes from a nearby hot spring, so the water is warm. Many people really do shower here daily. I was checking the water temp and it was too cold for me.

This is one of the local clubs at the slabs. On Saturday nights they have live music and maybe even some dancing.

The name of this club is The Range

You can see various groups put up signs so you can find them

They even have a community bulletin board

And a church

This lets you know you have arrived

We played a 9 hole round of golf at Gopher Flats, the local course

They provide the clubs and balls and even the score cards

Here is the library. Very well organized as you can see. There was even a room to play cards, put together puzzles or play games.

But the most famous of all places is Salvation Mountain. You can google this place and find out more, but Leonard Knight has been building this place for over 20 years. It is his life's work to share the message of God's love. He has been filmed in "Into the Wild", and been documented on History or Discovery Channel. I understand there is even a bill in congress to make this place a national historic site. If you want more info, I suggest you google 'salvation mountain'. There is just too much to try and write about.

The paint used has all been donated. He also uses bales of hay and old tires to create this place.


Diana said...

Great shots! I'm hoping to see the Midway sometime next week. Have a Merry Christmas, and see ya soon.

Barbara and Ron said...

Great overview of the Slabs. If the shower is too cold, you need to go to the tub. :-)