Thursday, May 29, 2008

St. Joseph, MO

I spent the night in a Walmart parking lot, Tuesday, May 27, on my way to Mitchell, SD. I have spent many a night in Walmart parking lots without any incident, but not this night. I was egged. Yes, I woke up to find egg all over my windshield. I first thought it was just dirt and such from the road and rain I drove through the day before, but there was this yellow drips and then I realized. I've been egged. I slept right through the whole thing, but somewhere in the night I was christened with an egg. Nothing else seemed to be messed with. My bike and car were ok, so I guess I should be grateful nothing more happened.

But then to add injury to insult, I get lost in the big town of St. Joseph, MO. I turned right when I guess I should have turned left, and find I was headed south instead of north. But at least I was on Business I-29, so I knew I would eventually get back to the freeway. So I took the scenic tour of town. Really it was a blessing. I realized there are some nice things in St. Joseph I would like to come back too someday. This is the birthplace of the Pony Express, Jesse James home was here and then there is the downtown architecture and even the riverfront park I would like to see more of. When I finally got to the interstate I stopped at a gas station and cleaned my windshield. So I took a 9 mile scenic drive to arrive 6 miles south of where I started. Sorry, but I did not get a picture of my egged windshield.

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Barbara and Ron said...

Well, I guess it was good you slept through it and it was only your windshield. We forgive you for not getting a picture.