Sunday, May 18, 2008

Small World.....

It just amazes me how small this world is. I can travel hundreds of miles to a place I have never been before and run into someone who knows someone I know. Like today.... I decided to find a Lutheran Church here is Harrison, AR. I am visiting with the pastor and I mention I once lived in Oklahoma City. He said one of his classmates and good friends was a pastor at a church in Edmond. Well, you know how it goes from there. Yes, I did know his friend and pastor at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Pastor Huss. It was really just in passing though since he came to the church in Edmond after we had moved away. But still, small world. It seems to happen over and over in my travels....Who was it said "six degrees of separation, that we are related to 1 out of every 6 people in the world" or something like that.

But on to other things. I am posting the photo of the picnic table in the tree. 20+ feet up in the tree to be exact. I guess it was lodged there following the floods last month. I saw this while kayaking on the White River in Arkansas.


Anonymous said...

Regarding your blog title, 'Ladynomad on the Road to Nowhere':

You're not on the road to nowhere - you're traveling your own path through your own life, destination yet unknown but definitely not 'nowhere'. Love to read about your travels and thanks for the blog. You're the ***only*** blogger I read! - Shelly at the NJ Shore

Gypsy Jane said...

I followed the link to your blog from your SKP forum post :) Welcome to blogging - it's lots of fun. Sometimes I'm too busy seeing cool things to blog about them (and sometimes too busy working to see cool things) but blogging gives me an online record of where I've been and keeps me from getting complacent. Hope to read more soon.
BTW - Nowhere : Now Here. Best place to be on the road to: the eternal present.

Al said...

Well, this is kool - like the picture. You'll have to tell me how this works.
I have a travel journal that is part of Good Sam (they bought the service and now charge for it).
I post picture and it covers my travels.
Not sure when we'll get together again - I not going to be @ Hart Ranch and ur not going to b @ Gillette.