Friday, July 3, 2015

Oklahoma and Grandkids

My first stop in Oklahoma was Ft. Gibson and Aaron and Holly's new home.  They now have 5 acres in the country and that leaves me lots of room to park.  In fact, Max and I didn't have any problems at all getting both our RVs in their driveway.  

This was in May, when all the rain and storms and floods.  For comparison, here I am at a place called 'the tubs'.  As you can see there is lots of water and moving very fast.  I'm at the bottom of the chute you will see in the next picture.

Well, this was 2 years ago at the same place.  The kids are down where I was standing in the last picture.  Normally, you have a nice chute to slide down as in this picture.   

Another example of the flooding was this closure of a low water bridge around the corner from where my kids live.   I heard later after the water had receded, there were large chunks of concrete gone from the bridge and it will be closed for a very long time.

Gavin gets a free ride back over the creek on Uncle Sam's shoulders.  (He got over there on the ATV).

Aaron and Holly's new toy.  

This is what their back field looks like after they have all played with the new toy.  Adrion and Gavin are out inspecting the mud hole they just made.  

I was there during the end of the school year field day for Gavin.  It was a little cool that morning and Gavin and his mom are trying to stay warm.

But it is finally the kindergartners turn for the sack races.

And the relay races.

And whatever they call this.

All too soon it was time to head down the road to Oklahoma City.  One afternoon I had the three younger grandkids come out to Arcadia Lake, where I was parked.  I think they had a lot of fun at the playground.  Here, Cale and Colin try to buck each other off.

Now it's Cale and Caitlin.

Colin swinging across the monkey bars.

And now Cale.

The water was a little high, so they played on top of the picnic table to keep their feet dry. (The site I stayed at 3 years ago was under water, only the very top of the table was visible)

Carter, now 15, is my soccer player.  Here he is (#25) playing indoor soccer.  I'm so proud of him, he will be on the varsity team as a freshman in high school.  

And here he is again playing outdoor soccer.  

My last evening in Oklahoma City, we all went out to Pops for dinner.  Notice the 15 year old is now the tallest in the family.

One of Oklahoma City's famous places is the Cowboy Hall of Fame or as it is now known:

I went to grade school just a few blocks down the road from the museum and it wasn't near as large as it is today.  Since I hadn't been here in probably 40 years, it was like seeing it for the first time again.  They have several different areas.  One area is devoted to rodeo and rodeo performers and the history of rodeo.  

They have an entire western town inside the museum.  Here, Max and I are lounging at the bar in the saloon. 

Another section of the museum was dedicated to western performers and all the western movies that have been made.  Some of the earliest western movies were silent films and filmed right here in Oklahoma at a ranch near Ponca City.
There were sections on pioneers and guns and even an entire wing on western art.  I was glad I went and probably could go back tomorrow and see lots of stuff I didn't see today.
Now it's time to move north to Wichita.

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