Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hannibal, MO, and Mark Twain Days

I was headed to Hannibal, MO, but look where I ended up.

I even made it to Key West.  At least that is what the sign says.
Actually, I was in Florida, MO.  Birthplace of Mark Twain.

The town isn't much, just a memorial to Mark Twain and a few houses, including an old, two story log cabin.  But the Mark Twain Visitor Center is nearby.

Inside the visitor center they have the actual cabin where Mark Twain, real name Samuel Clemens, was born.  

The museum and visitor center has a lot of his original manuscripts, as well as large signs such as this, of his more famous quotes.

I didn't know this.  Interesting piece of history.

On the 4th of July, we went to Hannibal, MO, for the parade and all the other festivities, including nighttime fireworks.

Lining up for the parade.  It was so long, we finally left the parade and walked downtown.

But it was still going on, so we didn't miss much.  And I have no idea why these people are dressed like they are back in the Roman Empire, but it was fun to watch.

The city park had vendors and live music in the bandstand all day.

The Mississippi River was flooded.  But the train was still running because the tracks weren't under water.

The river wall worked very well.  Just a little water was seeping under the big doors blocking the road.

Mud volleyball.  What more can I say.

It was a competition with teams from all over coming to compete.

We still had several hours before the fireworks, so we found an outside bar and grill and took a siesta.

Another interesting fact I didn't know before.  Hannibal has at least two famous people who came from here, Molly Brown and Mark Twain.

Finally, fireworks.  A long day, but they were worth it.

We stayed at Mark Twain Lake COE park, which was about 20 miles from Hannibal.

On the other side of the lake, behind the dam, they have a rodeo arena where they hold Outlaw Rodeos.

4th of July weekend had rodeos all weekend, both afternoon and evenings.

In addition to the bronc riding, bull busting and barrel racing, there is always the clown.

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