Saturday, July 7, 2012

4th of July, Aspen, CO

We knew that anywhere we went today was going to be crowded, so those of us who headed towards Aspen took the bus.  It dropped us off within a block of the parade route.  We got there early and got a great location.  It truly was a homegrown parade, very family friendly.  Even though you had to register to be in the parade, anyone could participate, as you will see.  Unlike many parades, there were no marching bands, and very few politicians.  I had a great time and took over 150 pictures.  It was hard to choose just these few.
I didn't know a fire truck could hold so many people.

This one had even more people crowded on.

I had to take the picture quick, then hide the camera to keep it from getting wet.   There were also several floats with water guns too.  It was a good thing it was a hot day.

I loved the wheel decorations.  There were lots of kids riding the unicycles.

They started the parade with bicyclists of all ages, while this group was kids.

Even very young kids.  

I had never seen anything like this before.  Now what would you call this? 

There was a very large section dedicated to veterans of all the wars.  I believe if you served, you could walk or ride or be pushed in this part of the parade.  It was very touching.

Surprising to me were the number of horse ranches in the area.  That was quite evident in the number of horses in the parade.

Old Time jail wagon.

There were some floats supporting various positions about the rivers and use of the forests.

They mounted the kayak on a skateboard.

The bell captain drill team.

We needed that ducky for everyone who tipped over on the kayak trip to sign.  I think it might be large enough.

Promoting the rodeo or one of the dude ranches in the area.
 The new few shots are some of the decorated cars.

I spotted these people on top of a roof watching the parade go by.

One of the whitewater rafting companies had their float.

There was even an Alpaca in the parade.

One of the rodeo's has a Wild West Show too.

This Mexican Cowboy was riding something like a Tennessee Walker, it  raised its legs up high when it pranced.

Now this I would like to have.

Makes sense to me.

I just can't believe they wasted all that good chocolate.

After the parade we found some hula hoops.  I should do this everyday.  What a work out.

Following the parade, some of us walked down to the park where there was music and a bbq.    They were serving the All American BBQ Meal:  hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, potato salad, coleslaw, watermelon, soda and beer.
It started to rain before the evening festivities and music and street dance had a chance to start.  So we packed ourselves back on the bus for the ride home after a great 4th of July in Aspen, CO.

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Barbara and Ron said...

That does look like a really fun parade with some creative participants.