Monday, May 7, 2012

My visit to OKC is almost over

but here are some of the things I did while in town.
Usually I stay at the Elks Lodge in OKC, but as of May 19, they will be moving to a new location with no RV accomodations.  Maybe still some boondocking in their parking lot if it is big enough hopefully.  They were forced to sell under when the city of Warr Acres used the power of emminent domain.  So they are building a smaller building about 3 miles away.  
The lodge was located in a wonderful residential neighborhood, which was great to go for walks in the morning.  On one of my walks I spotted this fabulous treehouse, electricity and all.

I moved out to Arcadia Lake, a COE lake which has turned over park management to the city of Edmond.  They give discounts for golden age/access, but not 1/2 price.  And they don't honor the discounts on the weekends.  Great place though.  My spot was right on the water.

We didn't have to go far to enjoy the swimming.  Here I am with my 3 year old grandkids, Caitlin and Gavin (3 in a few weeks actually).  They are cousins.

I invited my kids and nieces and nephews to come out and have a picnic at the lake on Sunday.  Some weren't able to make it, but we still had a crowd.  Here are a few out enjoying the wonderful swimming weather we have been having.

Bob and Amy, parents of 4 of the grandkids.

Kira and 3 year old Rylee, niece and daughter.

Niece and nephews, Byron (standing), Crystal and Brad.

My sons, Aaron and Sam, getting wood for the campfire.  Aaron and his wife Holly, my 2 grandsons and Sam all came down on Saturday and pitched a tent at my site.

Bob, Holly, Aaron and Kira, visiting in front of the RV.
I had a wonderful time getting to visit with my family.  I think this place will be a must when I come back this way again.

The end of the day and a wonderful weekend.  Everyone has gone home and I'm enjoying the beautiful sunset over the water.
In a few days I'll be headed down the road to Kansas, to visit more family and for some RV repairs. 

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