Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Super Bowl Party at the Moose Lodge

The Moose Lodge in Panama City.  We had stayed here back in 2009 and were looking forward to seeing the friends we made back then.  In addition to staying here we met up with members from this lodge at Talladega, AL, for the nascar race.  You can check in my archives about that visit.

They really go all out for Super Bowl.  Behind the 2 large screen tv's is the VIP Tent.  For $50 you have private seating. 

In addition, you got free food and drinks and special service too.  Only 15 tickets were sold for the VIP tent.

There were silent auctions going on as well.  I bid on and won a 19 inch digital TV for a bargain.

Sparky is the governor of the lodge and our friend.

They had both a kids and adult karaoke contest.

And guess who the judges where?  Yeah, you got it.  We didn't really know most of the contestents, so they thought we would be more objective.  There was a 15 year old girl who won the kids contest who could really belt it out.

And yes, we did see some of the game.  It was just after half time when the final karaoke contest was over, so we saw the best part of the game anyhow.  Tom and I both won door prizes as well.  Tom's door prize was a gift certificate to Sharky's restaurant (yes, where we watched the sunset).  And I have a gift certificate to Sonny's BBQ.

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