Wednesday, October 12, 2011

South NJ and Delaware

Leaving Westwood, I headed down to the Jersey Shore, around Point Pleasant. A friend, Bob McCourt, said there was some good Irish music and dancing going on at Eddie's. But the music didn't start until later, so in the afternoon we walked along the Boardwalk.

See the girls in sweatshirts? It was cold and these guys were out there surfing. Most didn't even have wet suits on. Brrrrrrrr

The tourist season is over and most things are shut down and locked up tight until next year. It looks really bleak, doesn't it?

We drove from Point Pleasant, thru Mannasquan, and north to Sea Girt, looking at the shops along the boardwalks, the mansions and old hotels from the turn of the century or before located along the seashore, and the vacations rentals which are so very busy during the tourist season.

But in the evening we headed to Eddie's, a true Irish Pub. Here is Bob, along with his friends, who play their Irish music every week. At the end of this blog is a video of an Irish dance. You can tell the participants know this dance well.

The next day it was on to Somers Point, Egg Harbor, NJ, just south of Atlantic City. It rained all the way down, although you can see it had stopped and the sun was shining when I got there. But there was so much rain, it was standing in the parking lot. I wasn't sure I wanted to drive in, but found it wasn't mud or sand, but crushed seashells.

Some places it was over my ankles, but you can see my feet were covered, so the water had to be at least 3-5 inches deep. But it drained quickly and by next morning, most of the standing water was gone.

I was having some problems with my refrigerator and water pump, so I left the next morning for Dover, as I could get hookups down there. It turned out my problem was because of all rain, some controls got wet. Once they had a chance to dry out, I was fine. But I was headed to Dover anyway for the NASCAR race. But I had a chance to do some sightseeing in historic Dover, the capital of Delaware.

This building, built in 1792, stands on the site where in 1722, the original State House, a small building about 25 feet square. It was here in 1776 that the Declaration of Independence was read to the people for the first time. State House was the capitol building until the new Legislative Hall was completed in 1933.

Old Christ Church, founded in 1703, this building was completed in 1734. It is still in use today.

Legislative Hall, state capitol building of Delaware, was completed in 1933. It was a weekend and was closed. Unfortunately I was gone on Monday and did not get to go inside.

At the Elks Lodge they were having an 'end of the season pig roast'. She has already pulled the pork off one of the pigs and is starting to pull the meat off the 2nd.

We even had Elvis for entertainment. Lots of food, beer and entertainment. What else could you ask for?

Dover Raceway, the Monster Mile.

Now this is the way to go. Riding your cooler to the race.

It was cold, never got above 53 degrees all day. And it looked like it was going to rain any minute. But the rain never came and the race was run.

Looks like someone was having a little trouble out there on the track. Luckily no serious accidents occurred in this race.

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