Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cape Cod and area

We spent over a week in the Cape Cod area, so I will be posting several blogs. Besides being located on the coast, there are wetlands and rivers throughout as well.

This is a Herring Run. The sign says this one has been here since 1638, but I don't think it looked like it did today. Herring spawn in fresh water like salmon, and with all the dams and blockages which man has put in their way, they need help getting back to their birthplace. And best of all, I was parked next to this the entire week. The roar of the rushing waters lured me to sleep every night.

Yes, Nancy has her arm in a sling. On our bike ride on Martha's Vineyard she had a mishap and has a shoulder separation. Her biggest complaint? She can't bike or kayak now for at least 6 weeks.

For all those who know Max and have heard him talk about 'fried bologna and gravy', well, Tom C. fixed Max his favorite meal of fried bologna and gravy. And we found out Max had never actually had fried bologna before too. But now he has and he even like it!

Nobska Lighthouse on Cape Cod. I counted over 21 lighthouses in and around Cape Cod. This one was located near Falmouth.

We stopped in Hyannisport to visit the Kennedy's, b's inut they weren't home. So we had lunch at Spanky's instead.

Built in 1867 by Edward Penniman, who was master of his own whaling ship at age 29. To show off his wealth from the whaling industry he built this mansion, the costliest ever built in Eastham in that time. The gate is whalebones.

This house is now being restored by the National Park Service as one of the most outstanding historic sea captains' homes on Cape Cod.

A monument to the Pilgrims is located in Provincetown. It was very foggy, so the top isn't really visible. The pilgrims did land here, but did not stay. They were run off by the native Americans, so the pilgrims traveled on and instead, landed at Plymouth, across the bay.

We couldn't decide whether these boats were there on purpose or accident. Maybe just waiting for a really high tide.

Max has ties to Governor William Bradford, who came over on the mayflower. He evidently invested well, since he now has restaurants, Inns and other ventures with his name.

Provincetown or P-town, as the locals call it, had some interesting stores and artwork. I felt like I had walked back in time to the pyschedelic 60s.

Out on Cape Cod National Sea Shore we located one of the old emergency life saving stations. They say the shipwrecks off Cape Cod are worse than anywhere else in the world. The people who manned the life saving stations were there to help rescue the seaman or passengers on those ships who went down in the area. It is now a museum, but was closed by the time we got there.

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