Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I left St. Louis and headed east to Louisville, actually to Lake Shelby Campground in Shelbyville, KY. There I met my son Aaron, his wife Holly and my grandkids, Adrion and Gavin, for the weekend. Although I have no pictures, our first night was exciting as a tornado passed through just miles from our campsite. We were actually out hiking when the storm hit and by the time we reached the RV everyone of us, including 1 year old Gavin, was drenched. But we add dried out and we the tornado missed us, so all was well.
We did go to the Louisville Zoo and here is Adrion feeding the Lorikeets.

This tiger was cooling off in his small pool of water.

Adrion has a little bit to grow to be as big as that gorilla.

Gavin liked the cedar chips as well as he did the slide.

My son and his family.

Gavin liked my hat.

It takes a lot of work to hold up that big bat.
In addition to the zoo, we saw the Falls of Ohio and the Museum. The fossil bed area on the river was flooded, so no fossil hunting. We drove around downtown, but got there to late to visit the bat factory. We did take a 2 hour canoe trip on Lake Shelby. They had a canoe that was big enough to hold all 3 of us adults and both kids. Hated to part, but they had to go home and back to work, ugh, what a dirty word, and I headed back to join up with the WINs to play.

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