Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Panama City, FL

This area is known for its white sand beaches, college kids converging on the area during spring break, and tourists. And did I mention its pristine white beaches? There really is not much else in the area but beach, so we spent 3 days laying around on the beach. When we leave here tomorrow we head north, away from the beach. I will miss it!

This is the Midnight Princess, a tour ship where you can be a pirate for a day.

Not sure what this boat is, but it was unusual looking so I took a picture.

Don't know if these were crab traps, or something, but another commercial fishing boat. Oysters are very popular around here, so maybe an oyster boat?

There are lots of places to have a meal and a drink and watch the waves, such as Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville at Pier Park.

From our table overlooking the gulf.

Another place was Schooners, who claims to be the last local beach bar in Panama City Beach.

Sitting at our table looking out on the water.

One day we saw these surfers. Double red flags were flying which means no one is supposed to be in the water. But the surfers say this is the only time you get a good wave here on the gulf.

This little sand crab got cornered by some kids and was scared to death. The kids finally let the crab get back to its hole in the sand.

We visited Tootsie's in Nashville, but here it was again at Pier Park. Inside was a live cam of the entertainment going on hundreds of miles away in Nashville.

There are beaches both east and west of Panama City. This is Mexico Beach, east of Panama City.

I just liked this shot.

Mexico Beach is a much quieter, laid back tourist area than Panama City Beach. It had a totally different atmosphere than Panama City Beach. Instead of high rise condos, we found these quaint bed and breakfast style places.

This was a hotel on the beach. It was just a series of small houses which have been converted to condos.

I was fascinated watching these little clams. They would wash up and there would be hundreds laying on the sand. Then as you watched, they would bury themselves in the sand. In seconds you could not even tell they had been there.

Walking down Panama City Beach.

The waves were pretty rough. It was another double red flag day.

Our last night we decided to watch the sun go down.

It wasn't the most spectacular sunset I have seen, but it was my goodbye to beach (until next time).


Claudia said...

Hi Judy. This brought back many memories. I stayed at Panama City Beach in 1968 and there was NOTHING there. We camped on the beach for several days...
yes camped! Wow has it changed.

Bob Parker And Donna Huffer said...

My favorite part of the Panhandle is just east of Carabelle. Would stay at Ho Hum every year. Stayed there with Bob 2 years ago when we were back east.