Thursday, August 20, 2009

Old Time Fiddlers Contest

I know I am way behind in my blogging. Too much to do and not enough time to write about it. This was several weeks ago back in Galax, VA. The Old Time Fiddlers Convention was Aug 3-8. We were supposed to be leaving on Aug 3 to head to our next destination, but decided to stay over one more day just to attend the opening day of the convention. I wish I could have stayed for the entire week. Just walking around the area you could find people jamming together. All ages, all bluegrass and old time music. In the evening were the competitions. Monday night was the youngsters, age 15 and younger. But more about that later.

One group jamming. The young girl was seen in several other areas at other times, jamming with different people.

This was one of the youngsters in the fiddle competition. I believe she was around 8 years old. The winner of the bluegrass fiddle, ages 15 and younger was a 14 year old, but the big story was the 2nd place winner. I only have him on video and have yet to figure out how to make the videos small enough to upload. He was 5 years old and well deserved the 2nd place finish. If he continues playing, by age 14 he should be the best in the world. That 5 year old put many adults I've heard to shame.

These 3 teens were seen jamming at several locations.

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