Monday, April 27, 2009

Ft. Worth/Dallas and the Stockyards

I'm a little behind in updating my blog since I was at the Stockyards over a week ago. But I guess, better late than never.

On the way to Oklahoma we stopped at Ft. Worth. Although I grew up within 3-4 hours of the city, I had never spent any time exploring the Ft. Worth/Dallas area. I had been there several times to visit friends or relatives even, but had never been to the stockyards. A group from the SI dance rally were heading here, but timing was such I couldn't go at the same time they were going. They were going to stay down at the Stockyards. $50 for 6 nights. Couldn't beat that deal. It was parking in a parking lot next to Billie Bob's and behind the rodeo grounds. I called and asked if you had to be in a group to stay and the guy said no, anyone could stay. At the time I called I forgot to ask the price. But I figured if he was letting them stay 6 nights for $50, it couldn 't be too bad. Well, I called back the day we arrived to get directions. I also asked about the cost. Wow! They wanted $35 a night for boondocking in the parking lot. I mentioned my friends (and he knew the lady who arranged for the group rate) and their price and he said it was $50 regardless of how long. We were only going to be there 2 nights, hoping he might counter offer with a lower price because I had told him I wouldn't pay that much. He said he hoped I found somewhere else to stay and hung up. We found an Elks Lodge only 3 miles away and it had hookups. It would have been fun to stay down at the stockyards, but not at the price they wanted.
They run the bulls every day at 11am and 4pm. The bulls are used to the routine and just look like they want to get it overwith so they can go back to their corral.

The Rodeo. Claims to be the first indoor rodeo arena in Texas.

Dancing under the lights at Billie Bob's, the largest Honky Tonk in the world. It was a Friday night and at 8am was almost deserted. They house band started and it picked up some. We went over to the bull riding (yes, inside Billie Bob's) at 9am and when we returned to the dance floor, it was crowded. This town doesn't seem to come to life until after 9pm.

The bullriding ring in Billie Bob's

Line dancing the Cupid Shuffle (I learned this line dance at the Bandera dance rally)

We went to the rodeo on Saturday night. Here is some of the action.

Being so close we also visited the site where John F. Kennedy was shot. They have marked the street with an X to show where his limo was when he was shot. This is the spot where the first shot hit him. A short distance further is a second X in the street showing where the second shot hit him.
Up on the 6th floor of this building is where the gunman was supposed to have been hiding and shooting from.

This is now a Museum, but was once a courthouse in downtown Dallas. It is across from the area John F. Kennedy was shot.

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Barbara and Ron said...

It looks like you were right in the path of those cattle. Never get between a longhorn and his food! That courthouse/museum is really beautiful.