Sunday, January 11, 2009

Yuma, AZ, then Christmas in Oklahoma

After leaving the Slabs mid December, I headed to Yuma, AZ, for a few days. I met up with some friends for a night of bbq at Famous Dave's, then on to a singles dance later.

There were 31 of us if I counted correctly. So you are only seeing a few. I believe we took up 5 booths and 3 tables pulled together, and several were seated at the bar.

There is dancing almost every night somewhere in Yuma. But at least once a month, if not more often, there is a singles dance. Most of the dances are held at various RV parks and have live bands, usually country.

And then I had a 1200 mile trip to Eufaula, OK, to have Christmas with my parents and youngest son. While I was there my dad celebrated his 85th birthday.

Mom, Dad and Sam.

Mom, Dad and me.

My son's jeep. He likes the mud. But I figure you would never have guessed. He assured me that he keeps the front windshield and drivers window clean.
Following a week stay in Eufaula, I headed to Oklahoma City, stopping on the way in Choctaw, OK, to visit friends. Art, Sarah and their girls, Alyssa, Kylie and Audrey, are my extended family and I try to see them whenever I can. And BTW, it was Kylie's 6th birthday on the day I stopped by. After a few hours visit, I moved on to OKC, where I stayed with my friend, Ginger. It was New Years Eve, so we went and had dinner out, then came back and she made home made eggnog and oh, was it good. She didn't make it to midnight, but I did, barely.


Barbara and Ron said...

Happy Birthday, Judy's Dad!

Brad & Barb said...

Hey, Judy!! We're about 198 days away from the big jump (retirement). Give us a call or email sometime. Would love to hear from you! Looks like you're doing fantastic!!

Marcy said...

I don't know how I came across your blog but that where i'm from Yuma AZ!