Friday, September 12, 2008

Lake of the Woods

Boy, did I get behind in my updates quickly. I am currently in Jebel, CO, and I have lots to post, but, I will continue with my travels from International Falls. On west towards Lake of the Woods and the Northwest Angle. Trivia Question: Where is the most northerly spot in the continental U.S.? No, it is not Maine or Washington, it is Minnesota, specifically, the Northwest Angle. In fact, to reach this spot of the U.S., you must travel by boat on Lake of the Woods or travel by vehicle through Canada. Yes, you read correctly, Northwest Angle is not connected by land to the rest of the U.S. It consists of a series of islands and a peninsula of Manitoba.

We stayed in Warroad, MN, at a Moose Lodge for 2 nights, visiting Northwest Angle and the local town. Warroad is the home of Marvin Windows and Doors where we went to there museum. Then on to Roseaou, MN, where they had the nicest camping in the city park. Here we stayed while we toured the Polaris factory and museum. We were fascinated and decided to head south 60 miles to Thief River Falls to tour the Artic Cat factory. I personally was more impressed with Polaris. Below are a few pictures of our travels. Notice the first picture. Going into and out of Northwest Angle they don't even have manned customs, instead you phone in with a video phone (I didn't know they really existed).

Where we called to clear customs.

Here I am leaving Manitoba entering Northwest Angle.

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