Monday, June 23, 2008

Deadwood and Tatanka

I enjoyed my visit to Tatanka during the SOLOs rally, I knew I wanted to take my grandson there too. But we also had to visit Deadwood. We got to town just in time to see the first show of the day reenacting the killing of Wild Bill Hickock.

Wild Bill's friend, Colorado Charlie Udder

Shootout in the street
After visiting Deadwood we went to Tatanka. In addition to the Interpretive program, we watched a video with Kevin Costner, explaining how Tatanka came to be. I guess I missed that the first time around.
On our way home we ran into a hail storm just north of Custer. It hailed so hard I had to pull off for a short time since I couldn't see. When it slacked up I continued on, but the storm was moving south. Shortly after we got to the RV park the hail hit again. Here is a picture of what it looked like outside.

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